Day 001.

Hi there. I’m gonna start doing this thing where i write daily posts to damon on this secret blog i’ve created. I’m hiding behind this blog because i’m scared. But i just want to point out a few things. I used that picture of damon for my icon because he said it was one of the best days of his life. If he ever sees these in his tag, i want to remind him of the happiness he felt that day. Also, the url is yousavedme, backwards. I’m gonna be writing most of these posts as if i’m talking directly to him, because it’s essentially gonna be my diary. I don’t know if every post is going to really be about him, i might talk about my day, or how i’ve been feeling lately. But this is to damon. It’s going to show my progress of getting better, and he is the only person helping me get better right now, even though he doesn’t know it. So i’m sorry if this annoys you in the tag but i’m trying a new recovery method and i feel like it might help. I also want to be able to involve the fizzy family. meaning, if you have a confession you want to anonymously post, or have anything to say really, leave it in my ask and i’ll post it. we can get through this together. have a lovely day <3